2005 Featured Show - "The Sacred And The Propain"

EarthDance - Northern California Komasket - Okanagan BC Faerieworlds - Eugene Oregon Fairy Congress - Twisp Washington

Shambhala -

Salmo/Kootenays BC

Galactic Earth Festival

- Mt Shasta California

Mannafestival -

Mt Elphinstone BC

On The Road

Tha Kidz



2006 Featured Show - "StoryWeaver"


StoryWeaver is an initiatory Journey into the archetypical realms of nature and our fear of the unknown. The journey begins with a pair of supernatural Spider creatures descending on ropes from the sky to council with the ancient crone "the Callaughra". They gift her with the magical Elphinstone crystal "the Storytelling Stone". The scene then changes to the seeker come to face nature and his fear. In a dance representing an ancient deer hunt he attains an offering for this quest and presents a pair antlers to the Callaughra, who places them into her magical cauldron. The Seeker then sits in meditation; the two spider beings enter with a contemporary Acro-balance dance piece. The Spiders embrace the seeker as allies but as he awakens from his meditation he reacts in fear and draws his sword. A choreographed sword/fang dance battle initiates, concluding with the defeat of the seeker. A movement piece of isolation, defeat and growing old are performed by the defeated, who then returns to the place where his original test unfolded. The spider's return and this time he realizes them as allies and they embrace while the ancient crone dances around the brewing cauldron. He drinks from the sacred vessel and is then faced with two giant bat creatures representing the spirit of death and rebirth. Struggling through a dance of transformation the seeker accepts his destiny and travels the gate of death formed by the wings of the bats. In death he regains his youth. The ancient crone then drinks the brew from her cauldron birthing herself into her maiden form and sings the seeker back to life. Two white cloaked spirit beings whirling like dervishes arise presenting him with the Magical Elphinstone Crystal, crowning the seeker as "The Storyteller".

Special thanks to stars -Ben Garbe & Aprile Dunlop as the spiders & the ancients



Show in 2006

April 22nd
Earth Day Celebration - Vancouver, BC

June 15th
Manna Festival - Roberts Creek BC

June 19th
Galactic Earth Festival - Mt Shasta, Cali.

June 23rd - 25th, 2006
6th Annual Fairy & Human Relations Congress:) Twisp WA

July 1st
Sechelt Canada day parade - Sechelt BC

JULY 29-30,
2006 FaerieWorlds Festival Secret House Winery in Oregon

August 4,5,6
Komasket Music Festival -Vernon bc

August 11-15
Shambhala - Salmo BC

August 17-21
Bonfire Music Festival - Sunshine Coast BC

Sept 17th
EarthDance - California

Oct 29th
Parade of Lost Souls - Vancouver BC

Oct 31st WON 1ST PLACE!!
Commadore Ballroom Costume Contest Vancouver BC



~ 2005~

April 16-Faeries and Fools Costume Carnival-
Hosted by E13 Episode 13
Crystal Creek, Sunshine Coast

May 23 2005-
Beltaine at Crystal Creek, Sunshine Coast- Family event involving Maypole dance and ritual, side show theatrics, potluck, bon fire and musical jamming and dancing.

June 21 and 22nd- Summer Solstice and Full Moon Celebration- Crystal Creek, Sunshine Coast
Theatre, ritual, music, camping and dancing…celebrate the longest day of the year with friends and family by honouring our union with nature.

July 1-4-Invision, Future culture conference-
Hosted by Episode 13 We are the resident performance troupe
Crystal Creek, Sunshine Coast

July 8-10 Sea Festival, Atmospheric performances at Science World, Vancouver
Stilts, costumes, community interaction, dancing and fun

June 17-19 Bonfire Festival, Stage performance architypical characters and fire play and fire spinning.
Ruby Lake, Sunshine Coast

June 19 Car Free Festival,
Stilts and Puppets
on Commercial Drive, Vancouver

June 26 Journey of the Senses-
Environmental performce series.
Ruby Lake, Sunshine Coast

July 1, 2005- Canada Day Parade in Sechelt and Gibsons, Sunshine Coast
Animated this annual event with colourful costumes, stilts and giant puppets and local youth performers. Second year in a row judged as first place!

July 8-10 Sea Fest, Atmospheric performances in Science World, Vancouver
Stilts, costumes, community interaction, dancing and fun

July 25, 2005- Manna Festival, Mayan Day Out of Time
raising the energy with costumes and stilts. Puppet workshop

July 30 and 31- Sechelt Family Arts Festival
Stage and roving performances, offering workshops and dancing in the Parade. Youth and community will have an opportunity to interact in this event

Aug 5-7 Komasket Music Festival- Vernon, Okanagan
Roving Characters, Fire Performance, musical storytelling performance and puppets. Hosting Workshops.

Aug 12-14 Shambhala Music Festival- Salmo River Ranch, Kootenays, BC
Roving Characters, Fire Performance, Ritual, Galactic glowing dragons, lantern workshops and a parade are just a few examples of activities that will add creative spark to this four day rave and music festival.

September 17- Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival- Vancouver BC
Magical characters express stories of nature, water awareness and harvest moon mythology in the unique streamside, urban environment.

Oct 29 Parade of Lost Souls
Chasing goblins and vanquishing the night of evil. Commercial drive, Vancouver

First Night, Dec 31- Winterfest, Sechelt, Sunshine Coast, BC
Featured fire performance, parade, roving characters and lantern workshops